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List Of 18 Fresh Dissertation Topics For Master's Degree

Dissertation topics have to be unique, impressive and interesting. Based on the area of specialization you are carrying your Masters degree you need to pick the best thesis project ideas to write about. Microfinance is the choice of many students. Furthermore, it is the choice of various huge and renowned international development organizations, developmental organizations and non-governmental organizations too. These days much research is been carried out in Banking and research sector.

Check out the list of some topics in Finance-

  1. Discuss the development of Finance in last two decades. What are the chief reasons of its rapid development? How international Micro- Finance has been successful in meeting the collateral requirements of current commercial market?
  2. What is the role of Micro Finance in banking sector of United Kingdom? How it is a source of financial services for small businesses and entrepreneurs? Discuss the concept based on the mechanism of delivery of financial services?
  3. How the demand for collective investment in the United Kingdom is met? Strategically analyze the situation while carrying a discussion. Recommend your approaches that can be followed to make the situation a better one.
  4. What are the various types of constraints faced by any Government while developing a full-fledged market in Microfinance?
  5. Analyze the awareness level regarding Microfinance for developing economies? What are its various impacts?
  6. Carry a research and write the significance of access to credit for growth and investment. Discuss the scenario in context of other financial services.
  7. How correct it is to say that the partnership between public and partnership is significant? Discuss various situations and talk about advantages and disadvantages.
  8. Carry a research and make a comparative study between the financial improvements carried in Asia and Europe. Talk about the advantages and disadvantages faced by both the countries.
  9. Talk about the financial viability of special financial products seen in the market.
  10. Carry an empirical study in Euro zone and talk about how poor can access financial services. Discus the situation in context of Microfinance and Micro credit.
  11. How off-balance sheet activities are treated in UK banking industry.
  12. Discuss the design of Optimal capital structure in a rental bank of India.
  13. Analyze the forces that brought changes in European Retail Banking.
  14. What are the implications faced by local commercial banks as a result of forces exerted on European Retail Banking?
  15. How Commercial banking evolved?
  16. What changes should be made in the structure of commercial banks?
  17. How agricultural productivity can be boosted?
  18. What is the role of commercial banks in boosting agricultural productivity?