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A Selection of Dissertation Topic Ideas

One of the most sought after online document sharing services today is ProQuest Dissertations, where students can go to purchase or submit assignments on a number of topics. While it is popular and can often provide you with some well-written assignments you can use in your own research, you might be better off developing your own topic ideas and working closely with a writing service to get your work completed. Here is a sample selection of topics developed from a professional service you can copy and paste to use free of charge:

  1. How much do advertising agencies affect the kinds of television shows that get made and air in preferred timeslots? Are television viewers being inappropriately targeted?
  2. What have been the biggest tourism marketing challenges faced by the city of New Orleans after the Katrina Hurricane disaster of 2005? Has the city made a full recovery?
  3. How are lending banks in the United States dealing with the latest restrictions placed upon them after the financial crash of the late 2000s? Is the concept of personal debt outdated?
  4. Why are the U.S. pharmaceutical companies fighting to keep the legalization of marijuana from become a reality? What would it mean to their profit and loss margin?
  5. How are children affected by having one or both of their parents fight in the military during times of intense war? Are children of different ages susceptible to different beliefs?
  6. Are today’s young adults more or less informed about global and national politics as a result of the instantaneous news stream and communication capabilities of the net?
  7. How does a country’s literacy rate affect the way its citizens make money in technical industries? Do countries prefer more of its citizens pursue new technologies?
  8. Are practical skills being lost in pursuits of higher paying careers? What does this mean for workers as new technologies are automating a lot of manual work for half the cost?

You can always turn to a networked digital library of theses and dissertations to find great resource materials, but when you’re coming up with fresh ideas for your own topic you should turn to a professional writing service for assistance.