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12 Dissertation Topics in Computer Science & Data Mining

Perhaps the hardest thing you can encounter when writing up with a computer science dissertation is simply coming up with a great topic. By the time you have to start the graduate project on your way towards earning either a master’s degree or a PhD degree, you’re probably so burnt out that you have hard time brainstorming ideas. Here is a list of dissertation topics in computer science & data mining you can use for your own assignment or to draw some level of inspiration from. Also you can ask experts who managed to write my dissertation a couple of years ago.

  1. How are data mining technologies being used to find whether or not proprietary information is being stolen and revised in a manner that escapes detection from traditional scanners?
  2. How did the poor application of data mining technologies at the time lead to the U.S. housing collapse that led to financial ruin for so many people in the mid-2000s?
  3. What are the major internet domains now use advanced forms of data mining to either rank higher on search engines or to find what kind of internal content attracts readers?
  4. In what ways to financial investment firms utilizing data mining techniques to predict market behavior? Should these be trusted by regular investors who rely on professionals’ advice?
  5. Can computer science technologies be applied to new methods of research currently being explored to measure the potential effectiveness of cancer treatments?
  6. Can data mining technologies be used to assist consumers in the way they make purchases? If so, would major corporations be against their use if it affects profits?
  7. Why are some industries prone to monopolization because of the incorporation of computer science technologies that have yet to go to market?
  8. How can tracking software or data mining technologies help marketers find the topics that attract the most attention on older forms of entertainment (e.g., radio and television)?
  9. Web technology has affected the way people watch television in that most things can be viewed on-demand on the web. Does this spell the end for television programming and networks?
  10. How have computer science and its changes over the last ten years affected the way consumers choose and purchase products? Are smaller companies at a disadvantage because of this?
  11. Is it possible to utilize data mining software to undermine hackers’ abilities to access personal and financial information from unsuspecting victims?
  12. Are data mining technologies being appropriately applied to help locate and defeat global terrorist organizations who operate on the black net?