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Five Tips to help you choose your dissertation topic

Writing a dissertation for your master's or Ph.D. degree is no mean an easy task. It becomes even more challenging when you don’t have a strong and relevant topic. The topic plays an integral role in the academic essay writing process, and messing up with it can ruin your entire work. Are you currently in a dilemma on how to select the best topic for your work? Then this article is for you. We will discuss the steps to take in choosing the perfect theme. In selecting a topic, you should consider the following points:

  1. Select a topic you are interested in

You never grow tired or get frustrated by something you have a great interest in. It is critical always to consider something you are passionate about when choosing a topic for your dissertation. A dissertation takes a long time to complete, and within the period are various ups and downs. If you don’t have a strong interest in what you choose, you may approach it lackadaisically, ultimately affecting the end product. Therefore, it is best to select something that is career related, affects the masses, or is highly debated. Such subjects naturally motivate you to work until the end.

  1. Be different

In dissertation writing, most students usually pick topics already explored by others to save them time and energy. But dare to be different by going for something new, to enable you to embark on your own research and come out with new findings. Even if you decide to choose an already explored topic, take a new approach towards it by researching different aspects.

  1. Research

Research is a critical factor in the dissertation writing process. Before you settle on a topic, do an in-depth analysis to establish whether it has enough content or literature to use. It also helps you to determine which research methodology to adopt. For example, if the topic has no enough data to complete your research, you may need to use a qualitative research methodology to generate your own data. That aside, researching helps you know how long it will take to complete the research; you then juxtapose it with the time you have at hand to see if it’s achievable.

  1. Be objective

 Taking an objective look at a topic helps you a great deal. You may be very interested in a subject, but taking an objective view about it allows you to determine whether it is achievable, in terms of the time you have at hand, your research capabilities, or available materials to use. Don’t just be carried away with your interest in the topic.

  1. Consult your supervisor

The supervisors are there to advise and direct you throughout the dissertation writing process. Don’t wait until you start writing before you seek their input. If you are finding it difficult to come by a topic, consult them for direction. Tell them how far you’ve gone and what you are considering. As an experienced person, your supervisor is in the best position to select one or make other suggestions.