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Where Should I Look for a Master’s Degree Dissertation Sample?

Last year, I found myself in desperate need of finding a master’s degree dissertation sample. I was a pretty good and experienced writer and never had much trouble getting buy with long writing assignments. But a dissertation is a different beast entirely. Today, a lot of people have come to me with the same question I had: where should I look for a master’s degree dissertation sample? So, I’ve written this article to provide you with some advice:

Start With Your Grad Advisor

I knew I would be working alongside with my graduate advisor for the next several months so I didn’t hesitate to ask him for some assistance. He had some pretty good samples for me to review, all of which he had kept from his former students. I was able to not only learn about the structure of a well written dissertation but I was also able to get a pretty good glimpse of what my advisor thought represented good composition and organization.

Ask the Online Community

Next, I posted my question online in a discussion forum. I chose one that I knew was primarily concerned with academic issues so that I didn’t step on anyone’s conversations about unrelated topics. After a few days I had a good amount of responses. I connected with a few members who were glad to send me work they had done for their graduate project. The topics were a little unrelated but I was getting a clearer picture of what I had to do.

Find a Professional Freelancer

After this, I narrowed my focus to a more personalized approach. I’d heard that freelancing had become quite a lucrative profession, where hundreds of qualified academic writers made a living in composing original works for clients around the world. Again, I posted a request and received several bids. After reviewing each candidate I narrowed my options to just two and contact each directly. I selected the person how had the most experience writing documents in my field and received a more focused document than any of the examples I had reviewed thus far.

Go to a Professional Service

Finally, I hired a professional service to write my dissertation example entirely from scratch. The process was really easy. I submitted details of my project and received a list of potential experts to choose from. I selected my writer and submitted an early deadline so that I would have time to review. The document arrived in my email inbox before this deadline and I couldn’t have been happier.